Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Strawberry Swap

Hello out there!  Ok, confession time...  So there's this thing I've been totally hooked on lately.  It has lots of pretty photos, that are posted in real time, and provides endless amounts of inspiration.  It's called Instagram... :)  Have you tried it??  (I'm audreyann33 if you're so inclined to come on over and find me...)

After much browsing, I found some quilty friends, and I'm now participating in my first Instagram swap (!!).  The theme is strawberries (how perfect, right?!?).  Here's how it works - every participant is assigned a swap partner, and you are then provided with basic information about your partner's fabric and quilt-y project likes. Everyone makes small projects for their partner and then mails them at a specific time, along with other small fun goodies that fit the theme (think strawberry lip gloss, strawberry lemonade mix, etc...).

My partner likes Heather Ross fabric, and I have a few fun projects in the works :)

First up is a little gathered pouch using this fantastic (free!) tutorial from Noodlehead.

There's even a little pocket inside - with a strawberry! :)

I haven't worked with zippers much, but the tutorial directions were really easy to follow and made this project very doable.  I'm having so much fun with this swap!  Next up is a mini quilt in the same fabric. I'll be back to share that one soon!  (or there's a sneak peak over on Instagram if you can't wait that long - hehe :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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